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MBCP Reaches Out to KYTHE -August 16, 2008

It has been a tradition for MBCP to hold a yearly outreach program to share our blessings with the less fortunate. For this year, an interaction with KYTHE Foundation has been arranged. KYTHE is the in-house organization of the Children's Hospital that cares for children afflicted with Cancer.


Find out more about KYTHE Foundation


Tippee Yaptinchay will be arranging for the food and entertainment to share with the kids. Because of his wish to share the blessings of his birthday with these children, Tippee will donate funds to cover the expenses for this interaction.


MBCP will likewise make a donation in the name of the club to KYTHE, using funds that Junnie Crisostomo had initially raised from some club members for a medical mission, to the amount of P11,000. We are open to additional donations of any amount from club members who were unable to donate the first time.  Please contact Joel del Barrio regarding your donation.


All that is required from the members is to attend the event and interact with the kids as needed. During the event we will "pass-the-hat" for last minute monetary donation, again for the foundation.


In behalf of the EXECOM, we ask you to open your hearts to these brave children who are facing the toughest fight that even grown-ups can barely manage with. It's a fight for hope and of life and they need you to be there, if only for an hour or two, to be their brother, father, friend.


In good times and in serious times, we look forward to seeing MBCP united for this worthy cause.  Let's make this a very well attended event that we can be proud of. Very Happy


WHEN: August 16, Saturday (3-5pm)

WHERE: Children's Hospital Auditorium (Quezon City) Near Trinity College and St.Lukes Hospital along E.Rodriguez


Transportation will be arranged from Mike Lugtu's shop at Kamuning to the hospital and back.  Mike has graciously allowed us to park our cars at his shop.


Breakfast Meeting - July 13,2008

Alabang Town Center

It was a sunny day that Sunday morning. On board a Mercedes Benz van??? the north guys left at around 6:30 am going to Shell Julia Vargas to meet up with the east guys. After waiting for a few minutes at Shell,we decided to head to ATC,we were in a hurry since some goodies will be given away to early birds. Bong seems a bit excited to get a Good Year shirt that he forgot that we were in a convoy.....left us at SLEX. Laughing


Anyway,the South guys were already at Max's when we arrived. Breakfast was followed by a presentation by Chips Guevarra on how we could use vegetable oil as an alternative to diesel fuel. We were skeptics at first but most of us were believers when Mike Hular test drove the demo vehicle,a w123 240d which emitted exhaust fumes that smelled like french fries.


After Chips' presentation, Mr. John Hernandez of Good Year Philippines a benz owner himself,distributed some goodies like shirts,sports bottles and shoe bags. The usual parking lot chit-chat followed while some new members showed us their cars, the w115 coupe of Mel was really something,oh and the two e500s had me drooling.


It's a good thing Relly made prior arrangements with Max's because there were more than 50 members and newbies who attended this meet.


The Officers of MBCP would like to thank all those who attended the South EB and to the guys who have helped organize the event.

We want to acknowledge those who were present:
1. Raffy Cuevas
2. Ronald Nunez
3. Jared Odulio
4. Eric Hombre
5. Rico Ledesma
6. JL Martinez
7. Eric Purugganan
8. Arnie Toblante
9. David Nocum
10. Junnie Ledesma
11. Johan Limcangco
12. Bob Mendoza
13. Eric Genuino
14. Gabs Felix
15. Ron Roldan
16. Van Montecillo
17. Ray Gonzales
18. Joel Del Barrio
19. Buddy Obag
20. Henry Tavera
21. Junnie Crisostomo
22. Bong Testa
23. Matt Bagsic
24. Peter Coseip
25. Philip Coseip
26. Terence Cosiep
27. Richard Samson
28. Samuel Guevara
29. Nelson Go
30. Mike Hular
31. Louie Ramos
32. Ronald Yu
33. Edward Velasco
34. Lennon Limcangco
35. Beng Pangan
36. Calvin Millado
37. Mike Lugtu
38. Mike Genuino
39. Rene Nunez
40. Toneth Pozon
41. Christoper Lopez
42. John Purruganan
43. Jason Zamora
44. Cris Huertas
45. Koy Banal
46. Mark Villapando
47. TP Yaptinchay
48. John Hernandez
49. John Paul Belarmino
50. Nappy Munoz
51. Nani Ramos
52. Jerry Tin
53. Joh Mark Soria
54. Mel Gabaldon
55. Vincent Tisbe
56. Michael Timbol
57. Adrian Sanares
58. Joel Vinarao
59. Ingrid Cudia

Fun Run to Ayala GreenfieldEstates - May 18

MBCP completed a fun run last Sunday,May 18th to Ayala Greenfields in Calamba,Laguna.


Through the efforts of MBCP member Beng Pangan, Ayala Land Inc. invited the club to view their Ayala Greenfield Estates development. The group of fifteen cars breezed through the SLEX that was blessed that day without traffic. With Mike Hular leading the pack, we made it in less than an hour to the main gate of Ayala Greenfields.


From the main gate, we were taken on a 10 km tour throughout the property, with magnificent views of Laguna and Lipa on either side of it. Final stop was at their golf clubhouse where we had a delicious breakfast and a brief presentation about the location.


After breakfast, we sat around the verandah and engaged in our usual car talk while others soaked in the view. Our thanks go out to the organizers, hosts and especially the MBCP members who braved the dark clouds (and little rain) to represent the club in this event. Nothing beats a get together of Benz fans under these circumstances. I'm sure you were glad you came along.


Pictures courtesy of Mike Hular --->  click here


Pictures courtesy of Alvin Montano --->  click here

MB Informal Meeting - April24, Sunday

An informal meet of MB enthusiasts was arranged and successfully held Sunday afternoon, April 24 at the perimeter of One Mckinley Place at the Fort, thanks to the tireless efforts of enthusiast and MBCP member Calvin Millado.


The meet was attended by around 30 enthusiasts in at least 25 cars. There was never a dull or quiet moment as the Benz fanatics moved around from group to group, mingling, laughing and swapping stories about their cars, parts and other experiences.


Seeing how everyone got along so well, it was only natural for the MBCP enthusiasts to extend an open invitation to their new friends to join in and take their passion to the next level, by becoming part of the first and only official Mercedes-Benz club in the Philippines.


More pictures courtesy of Tippey Y. -> Please Click Here


We look forward to seeing our new friends soon in future club activities and events.


Lastly, MBCP would like to thank Philtown Properties who was our gracious host that afternoon, for allowing us to meet and park our cars alongside one of the most prestigious adresses at the Fort - One Mckinley Place.


Family Day Summer Outing   -Sunday, April 13

Mt. Banahaw Clubhouse - Sta. Elena Golf Club

Children's Pool Area

Children's Pool Area


It's summer time once again and families are out looking for fun. Sta. Elena Properties through the kindness of their GM and MBCP member Junie Ledesma, hosted MBCP's 7th Club Anniversary at the Mt. Banahaw Clubhouse of the Sta Elena Golf Club.

It was a great day to spend quality time with the family and our Benzes. Two groups departed at 7:30am, one from Speedzone Fort (for north zone members) and the other from the Petron station across Westgate (south zone members).

Breakfast and lunch service was served throughout the day. There were 2 swimming pools for everyone to enjoy and cool off. Everyone took advantage of the picturesque surroundings , taking quick naps in the cool breeze.

Thank you MBCP members and your families and friends for making this an anniversary worth remembering.

More pictures courtesy of Tippey Y. -> More Pictures


4th Black Saturday Fun Run -March 22, 2008

MBCP held its 4th MBCP Black Saturday Drive last March 22 with 50 plus participants and family members in around 30 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It was a sight for any Benz lover to appreciate, seeing 2 long rows of Benzes parked along both sides of the road at the assembly point. Unfortunately, a fire along the route to the destination caused all access roads in and around our destination in Antipolo to be temporarily closed to traffic. As the convoy cruising along Marcos highway approached the Sumulong Highway, it became clear that the fire would prevent us from reaching our final destination. After maneuvering through traffic and re-grouping at Cherry Fooderama, it was decided to proceed back to the Ortigas Area and dine at Jay-J's Inasal on Ortigas Home Depot.


Given the circumstances, it was a trying moment for the group but to everyone's credit, we all persevered and pushed through, committed to ending the event on a successful note. No complaints were heard and tired but determined smiles seen on everyone's faces.


The group that afternoon, composed of MBCP members and guests all deserve a commendation for their fine example of fellowship and camaraderie brought together by our fascination for the Silver Star.

Display at UST Fun Day -March 9, 2008

The mini car display which was held last Sunday at UST was a complete success. We didn’t expect to have so many attendees in such short notice, which only proves the dedication of the members to the success of our club and their love for the marque.


There were around 22 old and new members present to display their cars. The cars were a showcase of MB 'oldtimers' and 'youngtimers', from the w108 of Dr. Mat Bagsic to the R170 SLK 320 of Raffy Cuevas. Doctors from the UST Hospital also joined in and displayed some of their Benzes as well. After the usual car talk, inspections and picture taking, we all finished off a sumptuous buffet breakfast courtesy again of Dr. Mat.


It was good to see both old and new faces. Once again, we would like to thank the members who have shown their support for the Club by going to UST last Sunday. Thanks to Mike Hular and Jared Odulio who took photos of the event and to Dr. Mat Bagsic for making MBCP a part of their celebration.

Binangonan Fun Run - Feb. 3,2008

Our first MBCP funrun for 2008, to Thunderbird Fiesta Resorts and Casino located at Binangonan, Rizal lived up to its promise of being a lot of fun driving, eating and talking Benz!


-> Click here to see an Overview Map


16 cars and drivers making up a group of thirty persons, assembled at the meeting place at 7am. The few problems that were encountered were not enough to dampen the spirits and good humor of the participants.


Passing through local town roads, led by a W126 stretch limousine, we sure did manage to attract a fair amount of attention. The townsfolk watched our convoy with flashing lights breeze through, curiousity on their faces and traffic politely yielding, many of them probably wondering who VIP was getting married that morning!


The organizers and I would like to thank all those who had answered the call to participate and support our club's driving event. Pictures are available at the Library - Album Section and posted at the Forum section.

Christmas Party 2007 -Kamayan EDSA

Members, families and friends of MBCP met at the Kamayan Restaurant EDSA last Saturday, to belatedly celebrate the Christmas season. The function room, decorated appropriately with our MBCP banner and bunting, was filled with the laughter andsmiles of familiar and a few new faces, all enjoying the company and buffet fare that Kamayan is known for.

Dec 8, 2007 - Boni HighStreet Display

MBCP, through the Office of Mayor Freddie Tinga, was invited to participate in the celebration of the 3rd City Foundation Day anniversary of Taguig City in the form of a mini-display of modern classic Mercedes-Benz cars.


This was seen as an excellent opportunity to provide maximum exposure and showcase a bit of Mercedes-Benz History to the weekend crowd. A balanced sample of popular MB mid-range models from the 1950s to 1990s were assembled for display.

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