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The Executive Committee (ExeCom) will be characterized by:

* Committment

  • To promptness – out of respect and consideration of other members
  • To full participation and attendance – make the time to serve the club
  • To “team-manship” – all for one and one for all
  • To focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible and done right
  • To have open communication lines to each working group member
  • To settle all issues and differences immediately – group vote

* Positivity (working in the affirmative……)

  • Always give the benefit of the doubt, interpret any action positively, leave malice and ego out of the group.
  • Carry a smile. Practice courtesy, sincerity and mutual respect.
  • Accept opposing points of view. Accept the results of a decision and re-commit to the group. Convince and sell, do not take things personally.

The ExeCom, as a supervisory body, reserves the right to initiate investigative proceedings and to take the commensurate and appropriate disciplinary action on any club member whose actions are found to cause willful harm to the club and its members. This includes any member of the ExeCom as well, irregardless of rank or length of tenure as a club member.

If an ExeCom member is expelled or goes on extended leave, the member with the next highest votes in the most recent election shall be asked to assume the vacated position.

General Objectives

“This Is How We Do It“

We will become a source of pride to the members and the owners of the marque. We will operate on a ‘higher’ level of standards than what people are used to seeing as normal or usual. Does it have to be that way? Our answer: Not necessarily, but this is how we do things around here!

In General

We are to increase knowledge and appreciation of Mercedes-Benz automobiles and its historical heritage.<br /><br />We are to help maintain and protect the historical heritage and traditions of the Mercedes-Benz brand through our .<br /><br />We are to organize and facilitate interaction among Filipino enthusiasts of the marque.<br />

Organizational Structure

Executive Committee (7 elected members)

Term: 2007 - 2009

President:                Rico Ledesma

EVP:                        Junnie Crisostomo

VP Membership:       Relly Hernandez

VP Communication:  Joel del Barrio

VP Events:               Tippy Yaptinchay

VP Finance:              Joseph Quimson

VP Technical:            Mike Lugtu

Functions and Responsibilities



  1. Make members feel welcome and keep them connected to MBCP,
  2. Continue to nurture their growth within MBCP through a fixed process

Functions and Responsibilities

  • carry a smile at all times
  • membership directory / database (basis of funds collection)
    • mailing addresses, email addresses, cell numbers, etc. (available to all)
    • attendance records
  • revise and maintain membership requirements
  • membership-related events
    • welcome committee on website and at events (MBCP hospitality)
    • membership recruitment and solicitation
    • membership milestones, birthdays
    • member induction ceremony
    • membership kit development/production
    • membership surveys
    • General Assembly (joint coordination with other committees)


Goal: Increase awareness, visibility, project a positive image of the club

Functions and Responsibilities

  • website creation and maintenance
  • essage board monitoring and maintenance
  • announcement of important information – meetings, events, policy, etc.
  • club newsletter on website, to be e-mailed to members, print copy via postal
  • media coordinator for press coverage
  • press kits, publicity material given during events, club banner
  • club-related activity video and picture production and archival (YouTube)
  • club merchandise (shared function with Events and Membership)
    • t-shirts, stickers, calendar, posters
    • thank you giveaways to sponsors, benefactors, member achievements


Goal: Plan, Review and Execute; Just like clockwork!

Functions and Responsibilities

Venue Scoping/ Permits / Maps / Rules / Food /Parking etc. including backup plan

Breakfast meet-ups/ “eyeballs”

  • Driving events
  • Car shows
  • Club sponsored shows - finding judges; setup booth displays
  • Social / charity events


Goal: Raise funds, maintain accurate, transparent records of all transactions

Functions and Responsibilities

  • collection, custody and disbursement of funds (note: mobilize during events)
  • maintain accurate records and physical evidence (receipts, invoices, vouchers, etc) of all transactions especially sponsor’s funds; liquidation and traceability
  • contract compliance
  • fund-raising schemes (note: joint coordination with other Committees)
  • sponsorship and partnership schemes


Goal: To increase member’s awareness and knowledge of their vehicles

Functions and Responsibilities

  • technical (demo, DIY, video viewing) sessions
  • car care sessions (Note: joint coordination with other Committee)
  • garage visits
  • parts sourcing (info for all/actual for members), bulk purchase
  • reference library / handouts / browser bookmarks / archives
  • establishment of in-house mechanical / service crew (note: mobilize during events)
  • tie-up and accreditation with specialized repair shops
  • website technical forum moderators
  • technical research and validation


  • Grievance Committee
    • To be convened as necessary by the President.
    • Composed of the President and 2 VPs selected at random.
    • Recommendation will be presented to ExeCom for decision by vote.

* Election Committee
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