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Membership Requirements

”Membership is not a right, but a privilege.”

General Qualifications

  • There are 2 types of membership categories available to the Mercedes-Benz enthusiast: Basic and Full.  
  • Membership of any type is a privilege that is granted after due process by the Executive Committee.
  • Membership to MBCP is not limited to residents or citizens of the Philippines only. The enthusiast must be 18yrs old and above to apply, exhibit good moral character and has shown a genuine interest for the Mercedes-Benz marque.  
  • Basic Membership enables you to access and participate in our international online forums and most club events unless specified otherwise.
  • Full Membership recognizes you as a bona fide member of MBCP for a term of one year from approval and entitles you to specific rights and privileges, among them:  
  • A membership kit consisting of a Mercedes-Benz Club Card, Club T-shirt, official Event ID and a member’s page in the club website gallery where you can feature their Mercedes-Benz cars;
  • Invitation to special MB events organized for full members only;
  • Club merchandise at discounted prices;
  • Instant technical support from our club experts and partners, access to the club technical library;
  • Subject to voters qualifications, can participate in the bi-annual elections for the Executive Committee;
  • Free entrance to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany;
  • Discounts with MBCP Business Partners;
  • Discounts at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Germany for parts and collectibles.
  • Note: A unique feature of Full Membership is that it is maintenance free, unlike Basic Membership which requires the member to maintain active participation.  
  • Every enthusiast who joins the club as a Basic member is encouraged to undergo the simple process leading towards becoming a Full member of MBCP.

Basic Membership

  • Becoming a Basic member is simple! One only has to signify intent to the MBCP Membership Committee through a sign-up process and if approved, you will receive a temporary membership id / password that you will use to register online at the MBCP International Forum. You should be able to access and post afterwards.
  • Basic membership allows a person general access to the MBCP website and international forum area, where one can share and discuss everything about Mercedes-Benz with members of Mercedes-Benz Clubs throughout the world!
  • Basic membership status must be maintained through active participation. Inactivity from the forums (e.g. last logon) is deemed a loss of interest on your part and your id will be marked inactive. At 6 months of inactivity, it will be purged out of the system.  
  • Owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is not a requirement for Basic membership.

Full Membership

Becoming and sustaining Full member status should be the goal of every MBCP member. If you had taken the effort to personally meet the members of the club, then Full Membership is just around the corner!

  • You must have completed a minimum Basic membership residency period of 3 months;
  • You must have attended at least 50% of all official club functions that were held during the residency period or a minimum of 2 major club functions;
  • You must have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle to qualify for and maintain Full membership. Should you sell the vehicle, you have until your membership expiration date to acquire one, otherwise Basic membership will be offered to you in place.
  • Signify your intent with the VP-Membership. Obtain an endorsement from any Full member in good standing or request the Executive Committee en banc to issue one in your behalf. Full members can only endorse two (2) applicants per year.
  • An annual club membership fee is due from every Full Member, to defray membership and club (activity) related costs, payable upon receiving the membership kit.
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