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Membership and Forum Access

About the MBCP Forum.....

Basic MBCP membership automatically provides for Forum access. The Forum is where MBCP members can interact in an online exchange of ideas, opinions and information relevant to the Mercedes-Benz brand.


A unique feature is that the forum is part of a much larger International Mercedes-Benz Forum, which is the shared discussion area of members from Mercedes-Benz clubs around the world. It is quite normal, through this network, to have your post read by hundreds of other Mercedes-Benz club members throughout the world! The International Mercedes-Benz Forum is in turn a feature of the MB Club Lounge.


Tip: English is widely spoken and understood throughout the world. It is advisable to use English in your posts as a courtesy to the readers. Despite the fact that many topics and threads are written in other languages, do not hesitate to post using English, as you will certainly be understood and replied to.


You may browse the MB Club Lounge and International MB Forum at anytime, however you must be at least a basic member of an official Mercedes-Benz Club, in your case MBCP, in order to actively participate. This is because every club member is assigned a UserID and Password in order to login and register for Forum access.

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