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"The star always shines from above."


Welcome to the online home of the Mercedes-Benz Club Philippines, dedicated primarily to the Filipino community of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts from all over.

As the official Mercedes-Benz club in the Philippines, we are at the forefront of helping to preserve the rich automotive heritage of the Mercedes brand in our local community, by bringing its history to life with the preservation, preparation and presentation by our members of their cars.


General Membership Assemblyand Election

August 2015


Dear MBCP Members,

During its meeting held last May 27, 2015, the Executive Committee (ExeCom) decided it was high-time that we conduct our long-overdue General Membership Assembly and election of our Board of Trustees.

Whether we opt to re-elect our current Trustees, or choose to elect a new set, or even go with a combination of the old and the new, the ExeCom strongly feels that is is to the best interest of not just the Club, but even to its leadership, for the latter to be given a fresh new mandate by the general membership.


MBCP Featured in C! Magazine

November 2010 Edition

Page 1


2010 Club Display ofMercedes-Benz Cars

An overhead view of the wide selection of Mercedes-Benz cars arranged by class.

An overhead view of the wide selection of Mercedes-Benz cars arranged by class.

The Mercedes-Benz Club Philippines recently held its biggest and most successful event to date - a Mercedes-Benz Car Display on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills, Taguig City.  


The Star shone brightly that night as visitors and MB fans were treated to a visual history of automobile excellence from the marque that continues to write automobile history today.  It was indeed an event for all Benz enthusiasts as the club was able to assemble an impressive selection of models representing different Klasses from different eras. CATS motors was also on hand to showcase the latest E-type.


Not even a littlel rain could dampen the mood, as the music of uber-DJ and fellow member Boyet Almazan kept everyone movin' and groovin' until closing time.  It was truly a night to remember, thanks to the efforts of the ExeCom headed by Rene Nunez, the club members and the friends of MBCP. 

What's New ???

  • MBCP is Hooked On Classics!!!

Help us bring back the awareness and appreciation of MB classic cars by supporting our Back to Classics campaign. Help renew membership interest in MB classics and the passion for restoration.


If you have a personal story of your association with a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, whether family history, restoration, search and acquisition or just plain admiration and love for the brand - we would like all our members and visitors to read about it.


  • MB Club Management has launched a new portal dedicated to Classic Car lovers.

Click here --->  Mercedes-Benz Classic Portal


"We don't need to invent a good history. We have been writing automobile history since 1886."



Membership Matters

Announcement as of April 9, 2015


Obtaining membership with MBCP is simple.  The first and perhaps most important step is to meet the other club members in person. All interested parties  are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings  and/or club events.  Just look for Calvin or Relly.  

Watch out for events announcements in the Forum section.


Please continue to address your email on club related matters to

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